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Beihang news, June 30 (correspondent tengxiong) on June 28, 2022, Kerui Weian released the 2022 Journal Citation Reports (JCR). Four journals of our university were shortlisted, with a significant increase in influence over last year.

Propulsion and Power Research (issn:2212-540x), founded in 2012, is an international quarterly in English sponsored by Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. It mainly publishes scientific and technological papers with academic or application value in the basic research field of aerospace propulsion and power engineering, involving systems, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, combustion, vibration and noise, solid mechanics and dynamics, control and other fields. In 2021, it was selected into the China Science and technology journal excellence action plan - a new issue with a high starting point. The impact factor of propulsion and power research increased from 3.738 to 4.563 (an increase of 22.0%), and entered Q1 in engineering, aerospace, engineering, mechanical and thermodynamics. Among them, the ranking of 34 journals in the field of engineering and aerospace rose from No. 4 to No. 3; The frequency of citations increased from 651 to 920 (an increase of 41.3%).

Chinese Journal of Aeronautics (issn:1000-9361), founded in 1988, is an international monthly in English sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Aeronautics and the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. It mainly publishes research results reflecting the latest progress in the aerospace field, and is the flagship journal in China's aerospace field. In 2017, it won China's "top 100 newspapers and periodicals", in 2018, it won the "China publishing government award - Journal Award", and in 2019, it was selected as the leading journal of the excellent action plan of China's scientific and technological journals. The influence factor of Chinese Journal of Aeronautics increased from 2.769 to 4.061 (an increase of 46.7%). In engineering, the aerospace field ranked Q1, and the ranking of 34 global journals in this field rose from 5th to 4th; The frequency of citations increased from 4293 to 6682 (an increase of 55.6%).

Frontiers of Computer Science (issn: 2095-2228), founded in 2007, is an English international journal jointly sponsored by higher education press and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. It is published bimonthly. It mainly publishes innovative research results in the field of computer science. The fields involved include architecture, software, artificial intelligence, theoretical computer science, network and communication, information system, multimedia and image, information security and cross fields. The influence factor of frontiers of computer science increased from 2.061 to 2.669 (an increase of 29.5%), and the three fields of computer science, information systems, computer science, software engineering and computer science, theory & methods entered Q2. Among them, the ranking of 109 journals in the field of computer science, theory & methods rose from 39th to 38th; The frequency of citations increased from 1257 to 1525 (an increase of 21.3%).

Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering (issn:1547-1063) was founded in 2004, and academician Zheng Zhiming of our university is one of the founding editors. Mathematical Biosciences and engineering is a comprehensive interdisciplinary journal that mainly publishes the latest scientific research progress and achievements in the rapidly developing field of mathematical life science and Bioengineering, covering general mathematical methods and their applications in biology, medicine and Bioengineering, with particular emphasis on mathematical modeling, nonlinear and stochastic dynamics. It is one of the important journals in the interdisciplinary field of mathematics, biology and engineering. The impact factor of Mathematical Biosciences and engineering increased from 2.080 to 2.194 (an increase of 5.5%), and entered Q3 in the field of Mathematical & computational biology. The ranking of 57 journals in the world in this field rose from 37th to 35th; The frequency of citations increased from 2690 to 3705 (an increase of 37.7%).

Academic journals are an important position for spreading ideology and culture and an important platform for promoting academic exchanges. Under the background of "double first-class" construction and cultivation of world-class scientific and technological journals, the journal center will work together with the editorial departments of journals to continuously improve the ability of running journals and actively promote the high-quality development of school journals.

(reviewed by: Yang Lijun)

Editor: Jia Aiping


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